Prep for my South America trip

So much to do in only 45 days:

  1. vaccine (typhoid, rabies, yellow fever, hep A etc) due now + Malaria tablets
  2. Colombian visa due by 02 Nov
  3. 03 Nov – 13 Nov visit to London & Liverpool
  4. balance payment for the Spanish language course & flat in Bogota: 10 Nov
  5. buy flights ULN-LAX-BOG, BOG-Santiago/Buenos Aires? Depends on Chile. Go to #6.0
  6. Chilean visa (will the visa waiver for Mongolian nationals be effective before 20 Dec 2018?). If I can travel visa free, why not spend a week in Santiago…
  7. accommodation & activities in Argentina (mainly Buenos Aires, possibly Mendoza)
  8. accommodation & activities in Uruguay
  9. accommodation & activities in Brazil (mainly in Rio)
  10. from Rio to LAX? or Cuba? gotta study a bit and plan…
  11. Travel & health insurance!

How to insert images here? Dunno 🤷🏻‍♀️.

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